Jul 11

Guest Post: Melissa F. Olson & Cover Model


Melissa F. Olson is a fellow 47North author, a friend, and the motivational force (read: slave driver) for Westmarch Publishing–a publishing group I am a part of (more on Westmarch in a later blog post). She cut her teeth in … Continue reading

Jul 02

Guest Post: Michael ‘Tinker’ Pearce


I’ve known about Michael Tinker Pearce for years — as a sword maker. His swords are world-class and I used to sell them when I owned my sword company. So it’s funny that I’ve encountered him again as a fellow … Continue reading

Mar 06

Guest Post: Historical Fiction Writer Adam Haviaras

Adam Portrait 2013

I’ve had Adam Haviaras on the site before and I always jump at the chance to have him visit. Adam is a historian and a writer of historical fantasy. This week, he’s releasing a new book in his Roman Empire … Continue reading

Nov 28

Guest Post: Joseph Brassey of Mongoliad Fame!


            Hey everyone. As you might know, earlier this year I was commissioned by Kindle Worlds to write in the Foreworld Universe. I jumped at the chance to piggyback onto the universe of The Mongoliad. … Continue reading

Nov 23

Guest Post: Bestselling Fantasy Author, Jeff Wheeler


            Welcome readers! Today I have a wonderful treat for you. The awesome and virtuous Jeff Wheeler, father of the Muirwood epic fantasy series, has visited my blog. Jeff is a truly inspiring human, a … Continue reading

Oct 24

Guest Post: Award-winning 47North Author, J. Lincoln Fenn


          J. Lincoln Fenn is a talented writer with street cred; she won the 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award for her thriller/horror/mystery novel, POE. She’s a genre-bending author that’s been compared to Neil Gaiman and Joss … Continue reading

Sep 19

Guest Post: Urban Fantasy Author, Melissa F. Olson


        She’s one of the rising stars of urban fantasy, a fellow 47North author who shares my love of Joss Whedon, and a writer with the most inventive take on vampires since┬áBela Lugosi. Melissa Olson — author … Continue reading