Sep 17

Nostrum: Episode 7 Released!


***Warning: This post may contain spoilers for episode 7 of Nostrum. If you have not read episode 7, proceed with caution. *** Episode 7 was released last Tuesday. Seven. How has it gone by so quickly? There is only one … Continue reading

Aug 01

Nostrum: Episode 4 Released

So, episode 4 was released on Tuesday and I’ve heard from a few readers that they have already finished it. I’m always impressed by how fast people read. I’m a slow reader. I think part of the reason for my … Continue reading

Jul 22

Nostrum: Episode 3 Released

  *SPOILER ALERT* The post below contains minor spoliers for Episode 3. Read at your own risk. Another second Tuesday means another episode of Nostrum.┬áIn this episode, Edward, Tristan and Belisencia have their minds blown by a medieval televangelist, but … Continue reading