Emaculum Audio Book is Here!

I might have missed the deadline on this by a tiny little bit…

So, first, the official announcement:

And second, an acknowledgement that this audiobook  might have taken a *tiny* bit longer than I intended. Like two years longer. Okay, like…um… three years longer. I could talk about all the reasons for this — delays from actors, life challenges, agent changes, my general stupidity, to name a few — but I won’t. The bottom line is that I dropped the ball on this. Thankfully, I have good friends.

Enter Lynn Roberts, a reader of my books who has followed me since the first of my Scourge books. Lynn’s helped me out in more ways than I can count. He’s been so awesome that I made him the captain of my street team, The Knights of Calas. A while back ago, I was bitching talking to him about the problems I was having with the audiobook. And Lynn stepped in one more time.

“You know,” he said, “I used to do some radio work. If you want, I could do it.”

Lynn doesn’t have an English accent, but he’s got an impressive, deep voice. And I know he is passionate about The Scourge, a quality that is far more important than anything else. Also, each of his biceps is bigger than my chest and he could kill me if I said no. So I played it safe and gave him the go-ahead.(Obviously I’m kidding–I was stunned and awed, and grateful that he would want to take it on).

Lynn sat in his makeshift studio for an ungodly number of hours, recording take after take of each chapter and sending them to me for approval. He had to suffer through my draconian criticisms and endless nitpicks for months, and he did it without a single complaint. I can’t thank him enough for his work. It’s because of him that this audiobook exists.

I’m sure some people will fault the book because Lynn does not have an English accent, like Nico Evers Swindell, who read Scourge and Nostrum (and did a fine job). But Emaculum is read by someone who loves the series, someone who has been consistently loyal to me, someone who stepped up to help me when I needed it.And if anyone complains about the accent, Lynn will probably crush their spine with his pinky toe. (That’s totally not true. Lynn is too classy for that. He would use the pinky on his hand.) Also, because the rights to The Scourge series have reverted to me (have I not talked about this? I guess I have another blog post to do), the first two audiobooks are no longer on sale.

So I guess Lynn and I will have two more books to do…



Peers out from under the covers…

Yeah, no updates for a bit. My apologies. Life’s been a bit of storm these last couple of months, so I’ve been clinging to driftwood and trying to stay afloat. Just wanted to give a quick update on a few things…

Emaculum Audio Book

First and foremost, I wanted to announce that, after a year of false starts, Emaculum (book three of The Scourge) will be getting an audio version (finally!). Those who follow me are probably aware that I had some problems with deadlines with the first voice actor. It became so frustrating that I was actually thinking of doing it myself, but I have no recording equipment and I don’t have the time right now to learn how to do it properly (30 hours at the very least to record and edit it). I was despairing about the situation when the captain of my Street Team (The Knights of Calas) stepped up in an *epic* way and told me he would do it. And so, I present to you, Lynn Roberts, knight of Calas and hero of the Emaculum audio book! I’ll have a separate post about Lynn and his journey into audiobook recording soon. He’s great with accents, but he will be reading the book without an English accent. It might be a bit surprising when you first start listening, but I’m sure his powerful voice will get you into the story right away.

The Madness of Valatriste

I have 30 pages left to write in my current work in progress. Tentatively titled The Madness of Valatriste. It’s a fantasy with Spanish and French flavorings, lots of dueling, and a main character that is sanity-challenged. I’m having a great time writing it, but it has become a bit epic. I’ll have this one sorted soon and hopefully have my agent sell it to someone early next year.

Tristan Novella

The promised Tristan novella will be the next thing I work on, barring contractual obligations. Sorry for the delay on this one!

Viral Marketing?

So, someone put together a few graphics for The Scourge trilogy–just images with quotes from the books on them. If you are so inclined, feel free to paste them around on the internet for some viral type marketing. Just click through for the full-size version if you need it. If people pin them to Pinterest/Instagram/Facebook and such, they might gain some traction and help with the books. I appreciate any sharing of these!

As always, if you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them in the comments or drop me an email. I’ll be back soon with some more updates and interviews. Thanks again for your support!



Emaculum Print Book Now Available!

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know that the Emaculum print book is now available! At the time of this writing, it’s only available from CreateSpace. It will be available on Amazon in a few days, but if you want to get it now, please use this link.

I don’t make a lot on the print copies, but I think I actually get a little more money from the CreateSpace copies, so even when they are available on Amazon, I’d be grateful if you bought them from the link above.

Apologies that it took so long to get these printed. I’ll be offering a few signed copies for sale ($20) in the next few days, so contact me if you want to get your name on the list!

Thanks again for all of your wonderful support. And stay tuned for some more news next week.



Release Day: The Scourge: Emaculum!

It’s here! The final book of the Scourge trilogy! Please buy early and often. And if you like what you read, don’t be shy! Please post a review on Amazon. Oh, and we’re having a book launch celebration on Facebook in ten minutes! Come on by, between 5 and 1030 EST for banter, trivia contests for prizes, historical facts and general rollicking!



Thanks again for all your support! Hope to see you at the party.



Emaculum Cover Reveal

Hi everyone. I know this is a little late, but I’ve made a dozen variations of the cover over the last month, so it was only finalized today. So, without further ados or adont’s, I present, The Scourge: Emaculum cover!

Oh, and can I just mention again that EMACULUM GETS RELEASED TOMORROW!!!!

*’Home Alone’ Scream*

Crap! Still have so much work to do. Reminder that we’ll have a launch  party tomorrow from 5:30 to 10:30 pm on Facebook. Click here to sign up for the event!

See you tomorrow!




Emaculum Release Date!

It’s been a long time coming, I know. But I am putting a tentative release date for The Scourge: Emaculum. And that date is *drums and fanfare*


Watch this blog in the coming days for lots of announcements, teasers, giveaways, artwork, a cover release and naked pictures of Charlize Theron and George Clooney. Okay, I’m kidding: I won’t have any artwork. But there will be a party!

I’ll be hosting a Facebook launch party and I would like each and every one of you to come! More info on that soon, but I promise to have lots of great authors for you to chat with, and you’ll have plenty of chances to win swag like free books and gift cards and such.

Please help me generate some buzz by posting this release date to all of your social media outlets, emailing friends, commenting in discussion boards, nominating for book clubs, pirating tv and radio stations, broadcasting across Skynet. Whatever you have to do. I think I’m supposed to say “as long as it’s legal” now, so, as long as it’s legal.

Thanks again to all of you for your patience and support!




“The End”

Just wrote those words on the Emaculum manuscript a couple days ago. The final volume of The Scourge trilogy is off for editing this week and should be released toward the end of July! To say I’m excited is an understatement. It was a bittersweet moment finishing this series. Thank you, to everyone who helped make book 3 a reality.

To celebrate, I’m posting an appetizer from Episode 1. Happy reading!

 I hold out a hand to stop Tristan and we listen. The hoofbeats grow louder. I can hear voices in the distance, and then, much closer, the sound of weeping.

Cold water spatters my cheek as I sweep away a leafy branch and scan the forest. A figure stumbles through the brush and nearly falls. It is she who weeps.
The woman glances back toward the road as she walks, then scans the forest floor, her gaze sweeping wildly among the hawthorn and gorse. Someone has tied a cord around her waist and attached a fox tail that dangles from her backside.
A maiden walking alone, looking frightened, and weeping. I want only to reach Elizabeth, but how can an honorable man ignore such a scene?
Tristan and I rise and push through the wet sprigs toward her. I give a whispery shout: “Do you require assistance?”
She shrieks and backs away from us, thick tears tumbling from her dark lashes. The perpetual drizzle has soaked her clothing. She is young and dangerously thin, her black hair unbound. The thin chemise she wears is wet and torn. It clings to her and hangs off one shoulder, revealing smooth skin on a bony frame.
“I haven’t found it yet!” she screams. “I need more time!”
I hold a finger to my lips and make calming motions with my other hand. “What haven’t you found?” I take a step toward her and she backs away, shaking her head.
“The arrow.” She pants as she speaks, the panting of someone about to fall into desperate sobs. The white chemise is soaked through, revealing every feature of her reedy figure. I wonder when she last ate. “I can’t find it,” she continues. “You arrived too soon. I didn’t have a chance.”
I glance back at Tristan, who sneers at me. “You couldn’t give the poor maiden more time, could you?”
“That’s not helping, Tristan.” I take another step toward her, pull my cloak off and place it over her shoulders. “I know nothing about an arrow. Why must you find it? Are you in danger?”
She stares at me, tilts her head and sniffles. “You’re . . . you’re not part of the hunt?”
“I’m just trying to get home,” I say. “Which hunt do you speak of?”
“Witch hunt, indeed,” Tristan says.
A horn sounds, loud and very close. Men shout. Boots crash through the forest. The woman flinches at the sounds, the tears flowing again. “Please, help me.”
I look toward the road. At least five or six men. Tristan and I glance at one another. He raises his crossbow as I draw my sword. No knight with any honor could do anything else.
“Thank you, sirs.” She lifts her skirt and walks away from the road slowly. Her shoulders hunch as she scans the forest floor. Tristan and I look to one another, then back at her. She scowls at us. “Hurry! We must find the arrow. Red fletching and stripes painted on the shaft. Anon! Anon!”
“What fun,” Tristan says. “I hope we find it.”
“What game is this?” I ask her. “Are you in danger or not?”
“There! Is that it?” Her voice rises, then strains with anguish. “No! It is a branch!”
I look back toward the road. Shapes plunge through the mist-drenched scrub. They will see us soon, if they have not already. I take hold of the woman’s arm and turn her to face me. “Are those men going to harm you?” She shakes her head and I sheathe my sword. “Let’s go, Tristan.”
He lowers his crossbow and we crash through gorse, northward away from the men.
“They will take my maidenhood,” the woman cries. “They will fill me with their seed and leave me to starve.”
My sword flashes out from its sheath and Tristan’s crossbow rises. We lurch back toward her.
“Perhaps,” Tristan says to me, “you should have been more specific in your question.”
“Rape is harm, maiden,” I mutter. “In case this sort of thing comes up again in the future.”
The first two men push through wet leaves, laughing, but what they see is not funny, and their humor dries up. Tristan and I stand shoulder to shoulder. My sword is pointed forward in mid-guard. His crossbow is strung and loaded and aimed in their direction. We are not thin, we are not dainty, and neither of us wears a fox tail.
“We can’t seem to find the arrow,” Tristan says. “Care for a war-bolt instead?”