Sep 19

Guest Post: Urban Fantasy Author, Melissa F. Olson


        She’s one of the rising stars of urban fantasy, a fellow 47North author who shares my love of Joss Whedon, and a writer with the most inventive take on vampires sinceĀ Bela Lugosi. Melissa Olson — author … Continue reading

Sep 17

Nostrum: Episode 7 Released!


***Warning: This post may contain spoilers for episode 7 of Nostrum. If you have not read episode 7, proceed with caution. *** Episode 7 was released last Tuesday. Seven. How has it gone by so quickly? There is only one … Continue reading

Sep 03

Guest Post: Sci-Fi Author Anne Charnock


Anne Charnock is a fellow 47North author and a wildly interesting person! Her debut novel, A CalculatedĀ Life, will be released on September 24. The novel is set in the later 21st century amid a dystopian culture of class-separation and corporate … Continue reading