Release Day: The Scourge: Emaculum!

It’s here! The final book of the Scourge trilogy! Please buy early and often. And if you like what you read, don’t be shy! Please post a review on Amazon. Oh, and we’re having a book launch celebration on Facebook in ten minutes! Come on by, between 5 and 1030 EST for banter, trivia contests for prizes, historical facts and general rollicking!



Thanks again for all your support! Hope to see you at the party.



Emaculum Cover Reveal

Hi everyone. I know this is a little late, but I’ve made a dozen variations of the cover over the last month, so it was only finalized today. So, without further ados or adont’s, I present, The Scourge: Emaculum cover!

Oh, and can I just mention again that EMACULUM GETS RELEASED TOMORROW!!!!

*’Home Alone’ Scream*

Crap! Still have so much work to do. Reminder that we’ll have a launch  party tomorrow from 5:30 to 10:30 pm on Facebook. Click here to sign up for the event!

See you tomorrow!