Beast of Maug Maurai – Book 3 Cover Reveal

***Quick important note: I will be raising the price of Stars and Graves to $3.99 after it goes off pre-order. The book is twice as long as the first two and took twice as much work to edit, and I believe is better suited at the higher price point. But if you pre-order it, you will get it at the $2.99 price. That is all.***

After ten years of on-again, off-again work, I have just uploaded the final volume for The Beast of Maug Maurai. For some inexplicable robot-reasons, Amazon’s publishing engine needs until March 10 to release the book from pre-order status. So we should all just stare at the pre-order page until Amazon gets uncomfortable and just releases the thing.

Until then, I am uploading the cover (WordPress won’t let me add a drumroll MP3). Also, in case you missed it, I have posted an excerpt here.

Some of you might notice a bit of a deviation from the previous two covers. There are a few different reasons for that, not the least of which is simply my desire to put up a really catchy cover, with more fantasy street cred and a bit of punch-you-in-the-stomach oomph. Another reason was the fact that book 3 is all about the Beast, really. I don’t have the illustrating chops to do justice to the Beast, so I figured I would show the same snippet of forest that is on the first two covers, reflected in the eye of the monster. I also changed the typography. I have never been very happy with the type on the first two covers. It’s a remnant of my corporate design background, and it just doesn’t pop with the fantasy jazz-hands that I was looking for. Hopefully this new typography will attract more fantasy readers. Eventually I’ll change the type on the first two covers as well.

I will talk more about the completion of The Beast of Maug Maurai in a later post. Until then, enjoy the cover and thank you, as always, for your wonderful support.