The eBook Marketing Saga – Free Giveaway, Day 2

Okay, so on the second day of my free ebook promo on the Kindle store, things slowed down a little. Not that I didn’t have a great run. On the contrary, my current numbers are more than I could have hoped for. Have a look:

Free Downloads so far: 684
Amazon Ranking in Free Category:  394  (out of 51,549)
Amazon Ranking in Epic Fantasy: 6 (out of 9,328)

Awesome, no? Well, yeah, but my downloads are coming more slowly today. I was getting about five or ten downloads (or so) a minute yesterday and today I am getting one download every five or ten minutes. I think I may have slipped off someone’s list somewhere or something. Or maybe Jeff Bezos figured out that I was the one who blew up his mailbox in 1989. 

Sorry Jeff. I was young and, for some inexplicable reason,
in California where I assume you lived at the time.

Or maybe this is the normal run of things, I don’t know. But I don’t seem to be climbing in ranks anymore. I wonder if it’s best to have only one day free promotions. The second day hasn’t done much at all, although I suppose the continued downloads have kept me from slipping down on the lists. 

These are just philisophical ruminations though. The free promo has done its work. My book now comes up high in the epic fantasy category (#6) and comes up at the top of the second page in the general fantasy category (#21) Nearly 700 people have downloaded my book, so hopefully that means some reviews are coming. And hopefully a couple of them will be good ones ;)

I also hope that there will be some word of mouth generating sales. I wonder if those 700 people read that fine print that said the book was free for one day only and that if they kept it longer, they would receive a bill for $10? (I kid. I kid.)

If Connecticut can retroactively tax me,
then it should be fine for me to  retroactively
charge people for my free Ebook, no?   

So, now what? Well, I continue writing, that’s what. I don’t ever want to forget that writing is the ultimate goal. All of this marketing stuff is important, but the most important thing for me is to continue producing material. To continue bettering my writing (see? What kind of crappy sentence is that?).  And possibly to run with the bulls in Pamplona one day. How cool would that be? Ten tons of beef chasing down the streets of … ahem. 

Writing. Must keep writing. 


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