Map Quest

So, I thought it might be fun to post a few things about The Beast of Maug Maurai. And yes, my standard for fun is not what it used to be.

I figured I would start with some maps from the fictional world in which the story is set. (Can you tell I’ve been reading grammar books lately? I had to struggle so that the last sentence wouldn’t end with a preposition.)  

These maps are in the book, but I worked a long time making them and thought I should put them up here for posterity. I’m not sure about the stained glass Duchies map. I almost scrapped it and started a new style but I had spent so much time on it that I just polished it as best I could and threw it on. Err, I mean, carefully and lovingly added it to the other two maps already in the book.

Here’s the world map first. The world is named Celusia. Those of you who know me well can understand where that name came from.

Map bigness is just a click away…
The middle kingdom called Laraytia is where the story takes place. Laraytia is currently at war with Gracidmar, to the east, and in a sort of cold war with Durrennia, to the west. And it’s not sending Christmas cards to the Kingdom of Annecia either. In fact, Laraytia doesn’t play well with most of the other kingdoms, but for now, it is only actively killing people from Gracidmar.

Laraytia is divided into seven territories. Duchies, if you will. Our story takes place in the Duchy of Nuldryn. So here’s a map of said Duchy, in a completely different style from the world map:
One click makes you bigger, and one click makes you small…

Yeah, it’s supposed to look all faded and smudged. This is the western side of Nuldryn, where the property values are high. The landfills are on the East side ;) . The big green blotch at the top is the forest of Maug Maurai, where most of the action takes place. Although Grae Barragns spends most of the first book, The Culling, wandering between Kithrey, Daun Sanctra, Braeth and Tyftin, with a stop at Maeris for good measure.

Now that I look at it with fresh eyes, it almost looks like the forest is trying to eat Kithrey and Daun Sanctra. I guess I should rephrase that to say, ‘I intentionally made the forest look like it was eating Kithrey and Daun Sanctra to symbolize the cancerous evil that lies in the forests of our hearts. An evil that devours everything in its path and nihilistically destroys all hope.’ Ahem. Or something.

Our last map is the map of the duchies of Laraytia. As I mentioned, I’m not sure this works, but I refer to the different duchies quite a bit and needed a reference. If anyone wants to make me a nicer one I’d be happy to replace this one =).

… click on the edge so you don’t smudge the glass.

Thoughts on these maps? If anyone sees any glaring problems I’ll fix them and update the book. Thanks for checking these out. They were a lot of fun to work on.