I Kindle, Therefore I Am

The Beast of Maug Maurai, Book One: The Culling

That’s right. Book one of the three part novel is out now and available at Amazon.com. Here’s the link to have a look: 

Click to look inside. Pull up a chair and see if you like it. If you do, please let others know. If you don’t, please lie to others. 

Any thoughts on the cover or the book itself? I’d be happy to hear about them! 

2 thoughts on “I Kindle, Therefore I Am

  1. Question: What's the age range for your book?

    I have a website http://www.alienstarbooks.com, and I feature Science Fiction and Fantasy for Teens and Young Adults of Color. Basically, I'm trying to make it the go-to place for parents, teachers, teens and young adults to find good sci-fi and fantasy books with protagonists of color. But there's room for everyone – I have an “Everybody Else” page because this is all about inclusion, not exclusion — and a good book is a good book!

    So, I do try to sort the books out, and put in parental warnings about sex, violence, cloning, mature themes, etc. Thus, the age range question. I also like to ask the author where he/she thinks the book fits on the website. Oh, and almost forgot, I have an author page too, with bio and link to your website or blog. Would you like to have your picture on your bio?

    Thanks so, so much! Ruth

    • Hi Ruth… so sorry I missed this comment. My book is adult oriented. I have adult language, adult themes and lots of violence. There is no sexual content, but I'm not sure this would be appropriate for children. I'd be honored to be featured on your website if you thought I would belong there.



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