Rise, blog, RISE!

Hello … ((tap tap)) is this thing on? Hello? ((tap tap))
Ahem … ah … hello world. My name is Roberto and I’m addicted to writing. My life is hectic to the breaking point, and I was inspired by a blog I saw recently, so I decided to add one of my own, just to see if something snaps.
I’ve been a reporter, a magazine writer and a magazine editor, and I have written creatively for as long as I could string together words. I am on the sixth draft of a novel, which, at this rate, means only another ten drafts or so to go before victory. Victory, in this case, meaning it is finished and I’m not dead.
I’ve been chasing my muse for thirty years or so. And though she’s been awful flirty lately, I am still no closer to understanding her than I have ever been.

Two muses. Better than one!

She’s beautiful, my muse. But cruel. She loves me and mocks me. She’s funny and brilliant and kind, but she has a habit of standing me up. Of leaving me when I need her most.
I’m convinced that one day I’ll master her. I’ll make her my bloodwife, forever at my side, whispering, her head on my shoulder. Subservient to my pen.
Um … I … ah … didn’t mean that. Just jokes, that’s all, baby. Don’t be like that. Come on. Wait … come back. ((sigh))
I’ve, like, gotta go and stuff. Welcome to my blog.

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  1. I can't tell you how excited I am to read your blog! I have always loved the way you write, and have missed reading your thoughts. Thanks for starting this! My day can now be complete….well at least…semi-daily it can…..whic for you means…WHAT??? MONTHLY?? NOOO!!!!!

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