New Short Story: Wages of Sin

Hi everyone. On the heels of my Kickstarter announcement and sample pages from THE SCOURGE: EMACULUM yesterday, I get to talk about something that I have been sitting on for months. My short story, THE WAGES OF SIN, is being published by StoryFront, Amazon’s new short-fiction imprint and is available for just 99 cents.

The story is technically classified as a historical fiction (more on that below). Here’s the description:

The haunting story of a man in fourteenth-century England who exists in the moral hinterland between life and death.

Francis, stricken by the plague, is absolved of his sins by a priest and pronounced dead. But when he inexplicably comes back to life, his friends and family see him as an abomination without a soul. He is chased from his village and begins a new life doling out deadly justice on behalf of a vengeful bishop. Francis is a man more dead than alive until a beguiling woman in an alehouse cuts through the numbness. Alicia is a highborn redhead who brings light to his darkness and makes him question everything he believes.

The Wages of Sin by Roberto Calas examines the often blurry line between right and wrong, and love’s remarkable ability to bring us back to life.

The story is very loosely tied in to the stories of THE SCOURGE trilogy. If you read it, see if you can spot the subtle connections.

Thanks again for all of your support! One more announcement coming up this week. I’ll give details on that one tomorrow.