The Crazy Importance of Reviews

Hey everybody. I’m posting for two reasons. The first, to update all of you on Emaculum. But I will get to the first second, if that makes sense, because I have something really important to ask, and it concerns reviews.

Big, crazy, wibbly-wobbly, timey-whymey things are going on at 47North, my publisher. Apparently their promotional efforts for books are being prioritized by the number of good reviews. The more reviews a book has, the more they will promote it. This is huge. *HUGE*. I cannot stress enough the absolute HUGENESS of this for writers. I humbly ask that if any of you have not reviewed my novels, please do so. And if you have friends or family members or literate pets that have read my books and enjoyed them, please, please encourage them to write reviews for every one of my books they have read.

I am extremely grateful for any and all efforts made in this regard. Thank you!

Now, onward to Emaculum:

The novel is almost finished, and I’m starting to get really excited. The end is a wonderful, emotional, powerful moment that is coming at me like a waterfall on the river. It seems like Edward has been questing for so long, and now I am one episode away from the resolution of his efforts. That’s right. I’m just about at episode 8. And yes, I said the end. There may be further adventures in the Scourge universe, but Edward will probably sit them out. At least for a little while…

So, the actual update:  After editing and formatting, I’m thinking I that will have Emaculum done at the end of May. Not having the deadline pressure of a serial has allowed me to go back and change things as I write, which will make this a much better novel, but it also has allowed my OCD to kick into overdrive. I’ll have some announcements as we get closer to publication time. I’d really like to make a big splash when I launch this, and I’d like all of you to help me do it. But for now, watch this space.

Thanks again! I really appreciate all the support I get from my readers. I am touched by your emails, blog comments, Facebook posts, and the many things you do to encourage, inspire, and motivate me.