The Big News: 47North

I have been sitting on a piece of “Big News” for a while now. It’s exciting and awesome and I have been going crazy having to sit quietly in my corner until I could announce it.

But the time has come.


I have just signed a publishing contract with 47North for my newest novel, The Scourge.



I have signed a contract with 47North publishing for my latest novel, The Scourge. Let there be cakes and cheeses and dried meats.

Yes. I am chuffed. I am beside myself. And beside everyone else.

*Attempts backflip*

The novel is called “The Scourge,” and it is a historical fiction with a paranormal/horror twist. 47North, a division of Amazon Publishing, will start “The Scourge” in the brand new “Kindle Serials” program. In this program, readers pay one price and then get the novel delivered to their kindle in  ”episodes” every two weeks. One low price, one entire novel delivered to your kindle in eight or ten episodes. I’ll be talking more about the “Kindle Serials” program in later blogs.

But this is more than an e-book contract.

The first episode of the novel will be released on November 13. Once the serial run is complete, the novel will become a standard 47North title, to be re-released in e-book, print and audio versions. I can’t tell you how excited I am about working with 47North and Amazon Publishing. They have been an absolute joy to deal with and have asked for my input on everything from episode length to cover style. A class act all the way.

But enough about them. This post is about The Scourge.

The novel takes place in a 14th century England ravaged by a ghastly new plague that drives its victims mad. Victims of this plague roam the country, attacking and devouring all living creatures they come into contact with.

The story revolves around a knight, Sir Edward Dallingridge of Sussex, who has been separated from his wife, Lady Elizabeth. Sir Edward and two of his knights set off from Bodiam, in the south of England, to St. Edmund’s Bury, in the central east, to find the Lady Elizabeth.

The three knights ride through the swiftly changing landscape of England, encountering madness, violence and sorrow. And through it all, the gnawing fear of losing his wife keeps Sir Edward riding deeper and deeper into the thickening darkness of unholy terror.

Sound good? Then please keep your eyes open for it on November 13. You will be able to buy it at this link:

It will be one of only a few Kindle Serials so far, and hopefully it will get some attention.

Yay, me!

6 thoughts on “The Big News: 47North

  1. Roberto, I was just asking for an update about that on scribes. Congratulations. Thats fantastic. Next cw we celebrate again. I love the irony of Grae vs the scourge….but thats how life goes I suppose. Haven’t heard “chuffed” since I left Zim!!

    • Thanks, Eunice! I think you are probably one of the few who understood ‘chuffed.’ I blame the usage on Belle. Would love to celebrate again. Lets get more champagne for the Scribes meeting when I am there.

  2. Roberto, that is great news! When you meet Oprah, and you will meet Oprah, don’t try the backflip. It pisses her off. (Way to go, man!)

    • I’ve met Oprah. I gave her this idea for a talk show and she said we could propose it together to the networks. Some friend. I didn’t hear back from her ever again.

      Thanks for the encouragement, though! Hope you’re drying out =/

    • That book changed my life. Do you know that there are things called “knights” and that they wore suits of metal? And that somtimes they built huge stone structures called “Castles”? Amazing stuff! ;)

      That book actually did help me in writing The Scourge, though Eliza. Thanks very much!

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