New York Comic Con

Hello, peoples of the world. Just a quick note to let you all know that I will be at New York Comic Con this year (October 9-12). Please stop by the Amazon Publishing/47North booth on Sunday, October 12, at high noon, for an old fashioned book-signing! I’ll be signing copies of The Scourge and waxing philosophical about knights, swords, history and why supermarkets put the freshest and softest Twizzlers at the back. But the signing is only for 30 minutes, so get there by 1230!

Hope to see all of you there!


2 thoughts on “New York Comic Con

  1. Well..shit. If I knew you would be discussing the shelf life of twizzlers, I would have bought tickets weeks ago!!! You are going to have a blast there. I have heard nothing is like the comic con in nyc! Take awesome pics and save one of those signed books for me! Lol

    • I could talk Twizzlers all day. And I might! Thanks Mich. Will take plenty of pics and post them, too. Belle will be with me, too, so that, in itself, might be more motivation for people to go than me being there. =)

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