New York Comic Con – Saturday

Comic Con! I met up with 47North’s awesome booth crew–Britt, Ben, Alex and Justin– and did some catching up with Michael Underwood, author of the blindingly creative fantasy novel, Shield and Crocus. And we walked. And walked. And walked. And bought a $10 personal pizza. And walked some more.

I saw a great number of awe-inspiring, shocking, beautiful, amusing and horrifying sites, as you do at Comic Con. I figured I would roll out some of the photos for all of you, in the name of amusement and posterity. They are down below, if you’re interested. Otherwise, we will be back at the Jacob Javitz Center tomorrow for another day in the geekular dimension. Oh, and I suppose I should sign some books too. If you’re at the Con, stop by at noon to get a free, signed copy of The Scourge.




3 thoughts on “New York Comic Con – Saturday

  1. Great , great pics!! Thanks for posting. You guys look like you are having a great time!! Annabelle does look like an imperial officer. .lolol can’t wait to see you guys in costume! !

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