Tails From Above…

Hey Everyone. Apparently I’m still alive, and, even more apparently, something I’ve written is being published! The story is called The Weight of Hunger and it’s set in The Scourge universe. It’s being published in one of the popular Chronicle Worlds anthologies, and I’m in fantastic company. The book features the works of twelve other writers, including several USA today and Wall Street Journal bestselling authors.

So, what’s with the bird on the left? Well, the anthology isn’t your normal, run-of-the-mill collection of short stories. It’s a collection of short stories told from the point of view of animals. Yeah, I know. Sounds crazy, right? Yes it is. And I mean crazy good. These stories are amazing. Writing from the point of view of an animal creates interesting challenges and possibilities that bring out some unique and truly sharp writing. And allows you to make loud, screeching noises in your living room and at Starbucks without anyone thinking you’re weird. Okay, people may have thought I was weird. But I assured them I was completely justified in making those noises. The manager at Starbucks said he absolutely agreed with me as he escorted me out, so I have his support.

Anyway, the anthology is called Tails of Dystopia, and my story is about Eglantine, a kestrel falcon. The Red Plague that swept across England has transformed Eglantine’s world into a place of horror. She searches for her master–a noblewoman who disappeared from the manor house–while trying to avoid the plagued predators that hunt her. She finds a group of survivors and travels with them for a time, but learns that humans are as great a danger to her as anything else that roams the plagued landscapes of her homeland.

Alright, so, to be honest, I bitched a lot when I started writing this story. A story told by a bird? Seriously? I promised myself I’d never drink before accepting commissions in the future. But you know what? I love Eglantine’s story. It’s sweet and dangerous and sad, and it’s now a part of The Scourge universe, and I couldn’t be happier.

Oh, I almost forgot, proceeds from Tails of Dystopia will help veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder get trained therapy dogs. An organization called Pets for Vets makes this happen, and I’m so proud that my work is helping them out. So, if you needed another reason to buy this anthology, there you have it. The book is only 99 cents, so even if you have no interest in reading these stories, please consider picking up a copy. And if you have no interest in reading these stories, you don’t know what you’re missing.





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