Episode 4 Released – Quick Facts

***This post may contain minor episode 4 spoilers, so you might want to read the episode in full before continuing. ***

Episode 4 of The Scourge dropped on Monday night! Hope all of you received the update. Please let me know what you think once you have read it. It helps a lot to have your feedback, both positive and constructive. And if you have enjoyed the book thus far, I would be grateful for any positive reviews on The Scourge Amazon page.

In case any of you are curious about some of the subjects covered in episode 4, I thought I would share some interesting facts that I discovered during my research. I’ll release one topic per post for a few posts.

Today, bears.

“Why is Edward so scared of a Bear?” Yeah. This is why.

  1. Some adult bears reach ten feet in length and five feet in shoulder height.
  2. Bears can weigh between 220 and 1,400 pounds. (Yes, they can weigh so much, you need a comma in the number) And for our European friends, that’s 100 – 635 kg.
  3. To give you a little perspective on that last number: A fully loaded mini-cooper weighs about 2,500 lbs. So, a fully grown brown bear can weigh two-thirds as much as a mini-cooper. Now, imagine two-thirds of a mini-cooper leaping and slamming into you. Okay, the analogy kind of sucks. But bears are damn heavy.
In my next post, I’ll talk about relics and make terrible Smart Cart analogies.