Episode 5 Already?

Only three more episodes of The Scourge. Is it really almost over? I’m just getting used to this serials lifestyle. It can’t stop now! Well, if all works out, it won’t. But this first book of The Scourge has been an absolute joy to write. I have talked with many of The Scourge’s readers, and their input and suggestions have been invaluable. I can’t tell you how awesome it is to receive positive feedback while the story progresses. I can’t imagine writing any other way now.

So, on to today’s topic!


Sir Thomas’s gun collection would have been priceless in his day, and unimaginably precious today. Culverins, hand-cannons, fire-lances — all of these are rare remnants from the shaky first steps of firearms history in Europe. Whatever you feel about guns today (and being from Sandy Hook, I have a lot of opinions on the matter), they are a part of history. And they would have been a growing part of life for 14th century warriors. I figured I would paste a few images from the web that might give you a better idea of what these crude cannons looked like.

A 14th Century Hand Cannon. With weird little white hand on the barrel. Odd.

Above is sort of what I pictured for the Spanish hand cannon that the Moor, Zhuri, gave to Sir Thomas.  A metal cylinder fitted onto a wooden “stock.” It’s elegant but lethal looking. Just the fashion statement for the 14th century soldier looking to accessorize. And make holes in people.


A late 14th century hand bombard. That barrel is bigger than Tristan’s mouth.

The weapon above is different than the hand cannon. It’s a bombard. Note the shorter cylinder and longer wooden ‘stock.’ Also note the heavy counterweight on the end of the stock and the sheer “punch-you-in-the-faceness” of this weapon, which leads us to:


A ten-shot hand bombard. ’nuff said.

Yeah. Nothing says goodbye quite like ten slugs of iron blasting from one barrel. As Scarface once opined, “Say hallo to my little friend.”

You can see why Tristan falls in love with this weapon. How can you not? This would be an invaluable asset when confronted by a swarm of medieval zombies, no? Not saying such a situation occurs in the book. Just pointing out that it would be useful. That’s all. But if such a situation *did* arise, I’m sure it would be Tristan holding this masterpiece. ;)

That’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed episode 5. Looking forward to your thoughts on the last three episodes.