Guest Post on Lindsay Buroker’s Blog

Hello fellow humans (you zombies can listen in too)!

The Emperor’s Edge
By Lindsay Buroker. Free!

Lindsay Buroker, fantasy writer extraordinaire, has been kind enough to let me post on her blog. She has asked nothing in return, but I feel obliged to encourage you to go to her site and download her first novel, The Emperor’s Edgefor free. Yes, absolutely free, because that’s how she rolls.

She’s one of those West Coast types, so my post won’t be up until about noon, but don’t let that stop you from checking out her blog at any point. It truly is an astounding collection of tips for writer’s, self-publishing and marketing advice, and essays on current trends in publishing. Oh, and she talks about her fantasy novels as well. Please go check out her blog. I’m certain you won’t be disappointed.

Unless you’re a ninny.