Episode 6 Launched

*** This post may contain spoilers for Episode 6 ***

So, Episode 6 of The Scourge has dropped and I am anxious to hear what readers think. Do you like or dislike the heavy action mode of this episode? The story is, inexorably, building to its climax and events will speed up now until the novel ends. Not to say there aren’t calm moments, but the tension and emotion will continue to climb now.

I spotted a minor mistake in the text. At one point, the iron-bound door leading out of the manor begins to shake. The next sentence makes it seem as if Edward is standing with his back to that door, when in fact, his back is against the servants’ door on the other side of the room. Sorry about that. I’m not sure how it got like that, but I’ll make sure it’s fixed for the print and e-book release.

Other than that, there isn’t a lot to say about this episode. Lots of action and the return of a familiar face. Please let me know what you think about this episode. It helps me better understand what my readers are feeling when they read my story.

Thanks again for the interest!

5 thoughts on “Episode 6 Launched

  1. I just finished episode 6‚ĶPlease tell me when I can expect #7!!! Terrific series and I can’t wait until for the next two!

    • Should get there sometime today. They’re been coming pretty late for some reason. Am waiting for mine too. The nerve of those Amazonians holding out my own episode from me. Glad you like it Rob!

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