Episode 8 Released. The End?

And so our story has come to an end. And I say *our* story because it really was. I wrote it, but everyone who read the book and commented on it had a say in the story. I had encouragement from reader through the Amazon Discussion Boards, on this blog, through email, through Facebook and Twitter, through Amazon reviews, and in person. And I thank all of you for making The Scourge as successful as it has been.

And, speaking of Amazon reviews, If you have enjoyed the book, a good review is always welcome. Such reviews make the novel more appealing to others and show my publishers that there is broad appeal for The Scourge.

*** Okay, this is the point in the post where the spoilers come in, so if you haven’t finished episode 8, you might want to return after reading it. For those of you in the know, onward! ***

The historical elements of this episode included masties (bull mastiffs), the aptly named River Brain, Hedingham, St. Edmund, and St. Edmund’s Bury. A lot to talk about, so I will just touch on a few points.

That dog has bigger triceps than me.

As usual, I will start with the animals.
Isabella owns “masties.”
Isabella owns *plagued* masties.
The dogs did not start out plagued in her case, but that’s a topic for another day. Masties are the medieval name for English Mastiffs. These dogs are horrifyingly large and often were used as guard dogs. Unfortunately, they were also used for bear-baiting and bull-baiting. And, because of their strength and size, they were even pitted against lions. There are few dog breeds that are taller than the mastiff, and none that can match the mastiff in both size and girth.

No Photoshop here. Just a big fucking dog in a car.

Um. There’s something about using the words size and girth together that makes that sentence seem dirty. Ah well. I digress. Suffice it to say, a human would be a small meal for one of these creatures. Although these days, the Mastiffs are known to be extremely gentle. They’ve come a long way from their bull-baiting days.

Hedingham Castle

Hedingham Castle
Hedingham has one of the best preserved Norman keeps in England. ¬†Edward and his knights never made it to the castle, but if you get a chance, you should. It’s beautiful and they hold jousting tournaments and other medieval events here throughout the year.

This is how the abbey would have looked in Edward’s day…

 The Abbey at St. Edmunds Bury
Like many of the greatest religious institutions of England, much of the Abbey in St. Edmund’s Bury was destroyed after the Reformation. This is a model of what the abbey would have looked like when Edward and Tristan arrived.

Zombie Defense System for the abbey.

Apart from the cathedral and the Church of Saint Mary, the Abbey Gatehouse, to the left, is one of the few undamaged structures left at the monastery. The walls of the sprawling abbey run all over the town. The Abbot’s Bridge over the River Lark is still there and there are ruins where the other buildings used to be, but they are a shadow of what this incredible compound used to be. Still *very* worth a visit. The gatehouses and grounds are kept meticulously. And the walls, though worn and decayed, are still a site to see as they wind around the entire town. There’s a gorgeous garden on the abbey grounds during the summer and spring. And if that isn’t enough, the town itself is beautiful and cozy and has lots of great shopping, restaurants, and history. A cool abstract statue of St. Edmund tied to a tree and shot through with arrows is worth a look, on a roundabout behind the ARC shopping center.

Well, that’s it for today, and for this volume of The Scourge. Thanks again to everyone who took this journey with me, Edward, Tristan and Morgan (yes, and Zhuri too). I hope to see all of you very soon with news about Edward and the gang.




10 thoughts on “Episode 8 Released. The End?

  1. I read the end of episode 8 and I’m perplexed. Is this really the end? You have the title up above of Episode 8 Released. The End? Are you implying that maybe there will be future episodes or is it really “The End” of the series? I was a little disappointed as I’m hoping for more. The cure or something. I like happy endings.

  2. I skipped most of the blog post because I am still catching up, but wanted to say how much I am enjoying the story, and your characters. “Scourge” is well researched and more historically accurate than many books of this ilk, and just really good fun. As an author of what could be called historical fantasy myself, I really appreciate all the effort you’ve put into creating a believable backdrop for what is (nearly) a credible series of events. Eh, who am I to talk. If there were faeries and sorcerers in 10th century Wales, certainly there could have been zombies in 14th century England ;) . Best of luck!

    • Hi Roberta. Thanks so much for the kind words. I checked out your website, and wow! It’s awesome. I’m intrigued about your writing. Wales is an area I haven’t been to in England, though I’m dying to go. Best of luck with your writing. Is great to have more friends in the historical fantasy genre!

  3. Awesome finish but I would like more. Seems like volume 2 should be “The Adventures of Tristan” wherein our hero pursues the alchemist and like the quest for the grail, gets all religiously mystical.

    • Hi Eliza! Thanks very much for your support (and your help in making that awesome finish). Great idea with volume 2, but the POV character is going to remain Edward (assuming they want a second volume). You up for some beta reading? =)

  4. Beyond the obvious accolades (creative spin with zombies in 14th century, excellent historical research, author notes after every episode, etc.), you have proven yourself an excellent writer and storyteller with this book! While this is not normally my genre, I was hooked early and very impressed that you were able to sustain the excellence right to the end. I am waiting anxiously for the next book!

  5. I purchased The Scourge as a kindle deal of the day, thinking why not? I finished it the same day because I could not stop reading. It was bloody fantastic!!! The plot twists, fabulous rich characters, brilliant comedic dialogue and English history were riveting. I have read so many books recently where I just don’t care about the fate of characters, but I was invested in Tristan, Morgan and Edward almost immediately. The balance of darkness and comic relief was perfect. I will definitely write a review on Amazon and can’t wait for the sequel. Like a previous commenter I thought you were setting up the next book to be from Tristan’s POV but I look forward to seeing how Edward finds his way back from his dark situation. I can’t stop thinking about how great the story was and am very excited about a sequel!!!!! Great work!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Brook!

      Thank you so much for the wonderful praise and for the great review. You have no idea ho happy it makes me to hear that readers liked my book. I thought about Tristan’s POV for book 2 but this is Edward’s story, and Elizabeth is Edward’s love. Only Edward has the proper motivation for the journey. I hope to make an announcement on book two this week, so watch this space!

      I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. My workload has been somewhere between astronomical and fatal these last few days. Hope to hear your comments on book 2!


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