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Marcus Trower, Copy Editor Extraordinaire

My copy editor and friend, Marcus Trower, interviewed me recently and posted the results on his site today. He explored some interesting subjects about writing serials and The Scourge. Please have a look at the interview. And if you are looking for a copy editor, I don’t think there is a better one out there. He has a wealth of knowledge, is a brilliant fact-checker, and knows more about the English language than Noah Webster. His work on The Scourge made the book significantly better. You can’t ask more than that in an editor.

Click here to see the interview.

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  1. Thanks for the excellent interview. It provided a lot of insight into the current state of e-publishing and what it’s like to write a serial “under the gun” of a deadline. It’s ironic that, with the advances in e-publishing (both technical and marketing) that, really, we’re going back to the Dickensian method for writing (even if we’re not getting paid by the word), as Mr. Trower mentions. While the physical newspaper might be on its last legs in the wake of Internet publishing, certain aspects of that culture are actually coming back in vogue. Again, very fun and informative look behind the curtain. :-)

    • Thanks very much Chris. Yes, it’s funny how every aspect of history tends to go full circle. The serials are no different than serialized tv that we have watched all our lives. We’ve just never had a good vehicle for delivering serialized literature. Enter ebook readers. The tv of the future =).
      Thanks again for your feedback. I’ll be interviewing Marcus on my blog very soon as he discusses the finer points of editing manuscripts.

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