The Scourge, Book II, Coming in June!

Here we go…

I’ve just signed a contract with 47North, the best publishers in the world, for book II of The Scourge.

*Crushes beer can and pumps fist in a manly display of excitement*

The novel will be called The Scourge: Nostrum and it will start life as a serial, just like the original. The first episodes should be available for Kindles, iPads, computers, phones, and large rocks with good reception, in early June. And the print version will be available after the serial runs its course, in August.

The novel begins two days after The Scourge ended and, to avoid spoilers, I can’t really reveal much more than that. The novel will still be told from Edward’s point of view, and there may be a love interest for Tristan. What kind of woman could possibly hold her own against Tristan? Read the book, silly! I’ll tell you!

I’m really excited to write about Edward and his knights again, and to hear back from my reader friends on the Amazon discussion boards (and this blog). Thanks for making The Scourge so successful. I hope Nostrum proves to be equally entertaining for all of you.

Oh, and a quick question, what do you think of the title? Let me know! Thanks.


16 thoughts on “The Scourge, Book II, Coming in June!

  1. How exciting! I can’t wait to read the story as a serial this time and have at it on the discussion boards, book club style. As for the title, for a second I thought I read “Nordstrom” (but that’s probably just because I had the most delicious tiramisu at the Nordstrom Café the other day). Then I googled it and ahhh I see now, clever. I am also digging the idea of a love interest for Tristan so there will be a strong female character involved in the action and repartee. Although a woman being involved in the fighting would usually be hampered by the time period, after the outbreak I think all bets are off. Time to train up and defend yourself ladies. Or stay in and eat the last of the 14th century English version of tiramisu – I’m not judging.

    Anyway I’m super pumped I only have to wait two months, good job Roberto!

    • I don’t appreciate you hacking my computer. How else could you have known about the ‘Edward and Tristan go to Nordstrom’ scene? ;) Thanks for the support Brooke! Would love to hear what you think of book two when it comes out.

  2. Woohoo! Looking forward to it. Love the title. Hints at what we are likely to read and also works at a couple different levels.

  3. Awesome news! Really looking forward to the new book! The love interest for Tristan will make for interesting reading. Not only will she need to be a formidable character to get through that wry exterior of his (and put up with him), she’ll also present the age-old conundrum for the “attached man”–namely that he’ll have to think twice about charging off into battle when he’s actually got something to live for. Also makes for some potential drama with Edward (both personally and between him and Tristan), having so recently gone through his own heart-rending quest for his ladylove. Oh, and more zombies, no doubt. Yup! Definitely looking forward to it :-)

    • Thanks very much Chris! Her name is Belisencia and she’s a bit of a handful, but hopefully she and Tristan will play nice eventually. Still not fully decided. I’ll just let them hash it out and see what happens =). So glad you’re looking forward to it!

  4. Really enjoyed the information you provide between episodes of the book. Please continue to do so. Loved the book but miss Morgan. Very happy to know a new scourge is coming soon.

    • Hi Mike. Thanks very much for the feedback. I will continue adding the stuff between episodes. There’s so much history and research that goes into these books, it’s a great way to share some of the stuff I’ve learned or seen. I miss Morgan too. Hopefully he’ll turn up again some day. Maybe the new character, Belisencia, will hold us over until Morgan can ride again. Look forward to hearing what you think about Nostrum!

  5. I’m looking forward to the second coming of The Scourge, but I’m also desperately awaiting news of the second book of The Beast of Maug Maurai… When Roberto? When??!

    ps. Congrats on the deal with 47North, I shall go and purchase one of their books in celebration of your news.

    • Hi Damian! Thanks very much for supporting my publisher. They truly are fantastic. I have neglected The Beast, I know. *hangs head in shame*. The sad part is, it’s mostly written. It just needs a good re-editing, but every time I try, something else comes up. But I have made a goal to finish it this summer. Early this summer. Fingers crossed. And thank you so much for enjoying both my books. The Beast holds a very special place in my heart. Cheers!

    • Hey Readmore. Thanks so much for the excitement. It’s wonderful to hear that people are in agony. Hmmm. That didn’t come out right… Anyway, truly grateful for your comments and hope you enjoy Scourge when it comes out. I might have a novelette coming out before that, so if it is in your range of interest, it might hold you over …

  6. I am really glad to hear your doing another book. Ever since I finished the Scourge I’ve been searching everywhere for historical fiction that has a slight fantasy/supernateral edge. Unfortunately I haven’t found any.

    Any recommendations while we wait till June??

    • Hi Jeff. Thanks very much for the interest in my book. I have a novelette coming out in a few weeks (I think) that is primarily historical fiction. I can’t say much about it at the moment, but that might tide you over. I also have The Beast of Maug Maurai, Book I, although that’s pretty much straight fantasy. For other authors, I’m a huge fan of Bernard Cornwell. I haven’t read his Winter King series yet (it’s on my almighty stack of reading) but I’ve heard it’s fantastic. The story deals with King Arthur, which is very interesting to me. If you read it, please let me know if it’s good! Thanks again for your feedback I love hearing from readers.

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