The Scourge is Upon Me!

I must admit, I rolled in these and cackled for ten minutes before this picture was taken.

The UPS man gave me the plague today. And I love it!

Twenty-five print copies of The Scourge. I is a happy man. Don’t let the subtle smile fool you. My heart was doing handsprings as the photo was taken.

The first two people to respond to this blog post who don’t live in Connecticut or New York, will receive a free signed copy. That’s just the kind of mood I’m in =)

Let the games begin!

23 thoughts on “The Scourge is Upon Me!

  1. Congratulations Roberto!!! I am so proud of you and wish you many more good ones to come!

  2. Congrats Roberto!!!! I am so proud of you on getting your print copies. Cannot wait to read more from you. Ashley Smith

    • Hi Cathy,
      For your long and faithful service on the Amazon Discussion Boards, I bequeath, one extra signed copy of The Scourge =). Send your address to robertocalas dot author at gmail dot com and I’ll get one out to you =) Thanks again for all of your support and inspiration on the boards!

      • Awesome, you are the best. I also saw your latest post on the new upcoming serial. I cannot wait! I’m so bored With nothing to read. LOL I did email you with my addy….

        • Thanks Cathy! Really appreciate all of your support these months. It would be a crime not to send you an autographed copy. If you are interested in reading my work, Scourge: Nostrum is not the only writing of mine coming out soon. *cue mysterious music* More to come on that soon.

  3. Mr. Calas,

    Just finished The Scourge tonight and thought it was amazing. It ranks right up there among my favorite books. Every detail was excellent and I am sorry that it is over. I look forward to the next and will be checking out The Beast of Maug Maurai with excitement!


    • Josh,

      I am honored to receive such high praise. Thank you doesn’t cover it when someone gives you such wonderful feedback, but it is all I have. Thank you so much. I look forward to hearing what you think about The Beast. I have a couple other projects that will be announced soon. One probably tomorrow, so watch this space =)

      Thanks again, Josh!

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