Excerpt from Scourge: Nostrum

The first few paragraphs from Scourge: Nostrum. An appetizer, until the actual book comes out. Please let me know what you think!

   When I was a child, I watched a man burn at the stake for mixing tinctures to cure the Black Plague. He smiled just before the flames seared his flesh. An inexplicable, haunting smile that has bewildered me to this day.

The monks who burned him told the lingering crowd that prayer is the only true and righteous weapon against illness. That alchemy is a sin.
Some weeks later those same monks lowered a saint’s body into a vat of wine in the hopes of creating a cure for the same plague.
I am a simple knight. It is difficult for me to see the difference between a tincture and a corpse’s bath water. But after two days of prayer I understand that neither God nor the saints will heal the woman I love.  I must look to alchemy, even if it means burning in the very fires of Hell.

And if Hell is my fate, then I, too, will smile as the flames lick my flesh. For I will have saved the woman I adore, and earned eternal salvation in her eyes.

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