Anomalycon 2016

Just a quick note to my followers that I will, once again, attend Anomalycon as a panelist.

And a quick warning to residents of Colorado, that I will, once again, attend Anomalycon as a panelist.

When: March 25-27, 2016
Where: Denver, Colorado

What is Anomalycon? Why, it’s only the warmest, most laid back, funnest (yeah, I said funnest) convention I’ve been too. It’s nicer in a lot of ways than Comic Con, because it’s smaller. You can actually attend the panels you want without entering a lottery for a chance to attend the panel you want. You can actually talk (face to face and everything) with the authors and artists at the conference. You can walk across the complex at a fair pace without having to take one step, stop for ten second, take another step, stop for fifteen seconds, take another step, finally make it in the door of the convention center…

Despite the conference being small, it still draws some big names like Chuck Wendig, Scott Lynch, Eliabeth Bear and Carrie Vaughn. Who else will be there? Well, a rough-and-tumble assortment of my fellow 47North authors including my good friends Stant Litore, Richard Ellis Preston, Melissa Olson, and Neve Maslakovic.

And yeah, there’s plenty of cosplay going on and tons of cool events like costume contests, self-defense classes, live drawing seminars, and a real, honest-to-god kangaroo boxing tournament.

Yeah, I’m actually kind of lying about the kangaroos. But I’m totally suggesting it for next year.

So, if you’re in the neighborhood, come on by. Authors will be at booths signing their books and doing authorly things. Like smoking pipes. And expounding. Lots of expounding. Metaphors will drift thick as wood-smoke. And the symbolism….oh, the symbolism! Yeah, I’m stopping now.

If you’re not in the neighborhood, then definitely come on by, because you get to play in the Rockies when you’re not at the conference.