Jul 25

Don’t be an Ejaculator

A couple of years ago, I was on a panel discussing dialog.  What? It happens. Sometimes people pity me I’m a respected, highly sought-after expert in my field. Anyway, one of the authors on the panel told the audience to … Continue reading

Jul 20

Can Language in Any Historical Novel Truly Be Authentic?

My historical fantasy novels are riddled with anachronistic speech. There I’ve said it. But you know what? So are everyone else’s. Writing a medieval novel using only the language from the middle ages (even limited to dialog), would be asinine. … Continue reading

Oct 12

“More Dialog!” he shouted. “Extrinsic vs Intrinsic!”

As I mentioned yesterday, I *love* dialog. It’s probably the best part of writing for me. But  it is also something very delicate. Like origami birds, or those really flimsy urine sample cups that you are certain will fall apart … Continue reading