Nostrum, Episode 2 Released



Episode two picks up where episode one left off, with Edward, Tristan and a nun tied to a tent pole. The three of them are in a place called Edwardstone, in Suffolk, just outside of a church devoted to St. Mary the Virgin. The village and church are both real, although I took some liberties with the size of the church. There is no gallery from which choirs would sing, and there is only one aisle, on the north side of the church. Despite its small size, the building is quite beautiful, as you can see from the images. It was built on the site of an older Saxon church and has been updated and expanded several times — in the 15th century, the 19th century and the 20th century. It most likely would have been even smaller in Edward’s days, but I like to think the interior would have looked the way I described it, with carved angel corbels and the like.

The ceilings of the church are of a simple tie-beam style, but the beams are gorgeously old. Have a look at that crazy, wonky beam on the right. It looks to be an original 13th century beam. Not straight, but beautiful and efficient. It did the job. Maybe the church builders understood that churches, like people, should embrace their imperfections.

There is paneling on the back wall of the nave, but alas, there is no misericorde. That’s not to say that there never was. The beauty of writing about time long-ago time periods is that you can imagine it as you think it would have been. There is no one to say that you are wrong. And speaking of me not being wrong, do you see the wrought iron chandeliers hanging from the roof? Those have been there for at least five hundred years and, before being electrified, once held candles. Can you imagine the body of a plaguer setting them swinging? There is no place for the imagination quite like a church.

So what do you think? Does the church look like what you imagined? Did you enjoy the episode? I’m anxious to hear from all of you.

Edwardstone: A small village that is difficult to find.

St. Mary’s has only one aisle, but I had to pay $30 to renew my poetic license this year and I figured I should use it =)




The Scourge launched today. I am excited and thrilled and a little sentimental. I feel like I’ve given birth. Triplets. Edward, Tristan and Morgan. They’ve been a part of me for so much of these last months. It’s an anxious time letting them out into the world, to breathe and take their first steps.

If you read their story, I hope you enjoy it as much as I am enjoying the writing of it. If you have any positive thoughts on the tale and want to express them, I welcome comments, and welcome positive reviews on Amazon even more. If you have negative thoughts on it, please go away. Kidding. If something about the story bothers you, or if you think something can be improved, please let me know. As writers, our journey never ends. We must always seek to be better, go higher. And the next stair-step in our eternal climb can come from anyone.

For those of you who have bought The Scourge, or are planning to buy it, I thank you. Just as writing is a never-ending journey, so is it a lonely one. And only when others read our work does the loneliness of it fade.

Here’s to Edward, Tristan and Morgan. Happy birthday, guys.