Emaculum: Online Release Party, August 5, 2014!

Hey everyone!

On August 5, 2014, there will be a Facebook party for the release of Emaculum, and the conclusion of the Scourge trilogy. The event starts at 5pm EST and will last until 10pm EST. My fiancee, Annabelle, and I, will host the party, and a slew of visiting authors will take part. (Click here to sign up for the event (make sure you’re signed into Facebook)).

It’s like this, but some of the guests will be scarier.

What exactly is a Facebook launch party? It’s a whirlwind of fun, prizes, online chats, trivia contests, and anything else we can come up with. Think “country fair” with more authors and camaraderie, and less carnies and clowns. (Although, knowing some of my writer friends, there may be just as many carnies and clowns).

Scott James Magner, guest of honor, will be releasing his story, Winter, on the same day!

So, who will be there? Well, historical fantasy author Scott Magner (Blood and Ashes, Winter) for one. Scott is releasing the second book in his Seasons of Truth series on the same day (August 5th, if you’ll recall) so this is kind of a joint launch party).

I’ll also have some of the original authors of The Mongoliad (historical fantasy): Mark Teppo (The Mongoliad, Sinner), and Joseph Brassey (The Mongoliad, Katabasis).

Other authors? How about the 2013 Philip K. Dick Award nominee, Anne Charnok (A Calculated Life)? and below is a list of the other participants:

Fantasy/sci-fi writers Michael and Linda Pearce, (Diaries of a Dwarven Rifelman, Rage of Angels).

Tony Wolf (the upcoming historical-fantasy graphic novel  Mrs. Pankhurst’s Amazons).

Urban Fantasy author Melissa F. Olson (Dead Spots, The Big Keep).

Kate Maruyama, genre-defying specialist (Harrowgate).

Fantasy author Roberta Trahan (The Well of Tears, The Keys to the Realms).

Historical fantasy author Adam Haviaras (Children of ApolloIMMORTUI).

Fantasy author and Emaculum beta-reader Robert J. Duperre (The FallDawn of Swords)

Award-winning author J Lincoln Fenn (POE) can’t appear live, but will have a post (Hawaii time makes a live appearance difficult. Let’s all feel sorry for J Lincoln Fenn, who lives on an island paradise. Poor J Lincoln Fenn ;) ).

Books will be given away. Prizes earned. Fun will be had by all. Except the carnies.

Each of these writers will have a turn on the event page, posting a short blurb about storytelling or history, and then opening up the comments to speak with visitors. These are all published, successful authors, so now’s your chance to ask them questions, gain nuggets of wisdom, and brush elbows with the literary elite.

As if that’s not enough,some of the authors will be giving away copies of their books or other prizes. I will be giving out prizes as well, holding trivia contests, posting snippets from Emaculum and photos of places Edward has traveled. Annabelle will be talking about her role editing all three books and the crazy, crazy long-distance relationship that she and I nurture.

So add an entry to your Google calendar, sign up for the event, and drop by on Tuesday, August 5, between 5pm EST and 10pm EST for a festive, merry, crazy carnival of fun. That’s right. I used three adjectives. It’s gonna be *that* good.