Kingdom of Glass: My “Kindle Worlds” Novella

Super excited to announce that I am writing for the brand new Kindle Worlds platform! For those of you who haven’t heard, Kindle Worlds is a program that allows authors to write in other authors’ universes. You can see the latest press release on Kindle Worlds here.

The cover hasn’t been released yet, so in lieu of that, here’s a Joan of Arc picture.

My novella is called Kingdom of Glass, and it is set in Neal Stephenson’s Foreworld universe (The Mongoliad, etc.). The story is about two English Shield Brethren knights in 15th century France, during the Hundred Years War. The knights, Myles and Bryan Stapleton, find themselves in Normandy, trapped between hostile French villagers and a growing army of Brigands. Cut off from their Shield Brethren comrades, the brothers must decide whether to stand up against innumerable odds, or to flee and leave the woman Myles loves behind. Kingdom of Glass takes place shortly after the death of Joan of Arc, at a time when the morale of both the French and the English was at an all time low.

It was a thrill to be one of the first authors asked to write in the #KindleWorlds program, and I have to say, I loved writing Kingdom of Glass. I am extremely happy with the result and can’t wait to see it on Amazon!

I don’t have a firm release date, but it should be very soon. I’ll keep you updated on my blog and Facebook page. If you read it, please drop me a note telling me what you think. I’m always interested in both positive and constructive feedback!