The Scourge, Giveaway!

A quick note to let all of you know that I am giving away five e-book copies of The Scourge. The raffle is being carried out with the Amazon Giveaways tool, and simply requires that you follow me on Amazon to enter.

Here’s the link to the giveaway: https://giveaway.amazon.com/p/6be1876300ba5a1d

If you haven’t read The Scourge, now’s your chance to get it for free. And if you have, now’s the chance to spread my plague far and wide by giving it to your friends and family. Or something.

I’m giving this raffle thing a try, and if it does modestly well (or better) I’ll start giving away other merchandise in the future (including this Scourgeware I designed but have never printed).

Thanks, and, if you enter, may you contract The Scourge!





Zombies Past and Future Contest Winners

Thanks to all of you who participated in the Zombies Past and Future Giveaway. Stant Litore and I received a flood of support and new subscribers to our newsletters, and we truly appreciate it. Although there were only four winners of the book packages, all of you are winners in the cosmic, lucky-in-life sense, because you get to hear about all the new stuff that Stant and I are up to, and you get to know the sad, sordid details of my everyday life. Um. Okay, well there were four winners, anyway.


And the winners are:

1. Jen Jensen
2. Randy Lewis
3.Beverly Matthews
4. Jeremy Dick

If you are one of those four people, you should expect to get copies from me and three of the top selling zombie writers in America. Thanks again for you support and interest in my work (and that of Stant Litore). I look forward to sharing some news very soon!