Release Date = Tomorrow!

The Scourge release date is *tomorrow*! Want to thank my lovely fiancee Annabelle Page, who worked tirelessly with me on this novel, and the Fairfield Scribes, the group responsible for The Scourge.

Hmm. That came out wrong.

Anyway, please help spread the word about the novel. Here’s a taste of the first page, for those of you on the fence:

At first, the priests and bishops called it a scourge from God. They preached that only the impure needed to fear it. That the holy hand of the Father was purging the wicked from the earth. But the holy hand of the father started purging priests and bishops too. They call it a plague now.

I have never seen plague bring a man back from the dead. I have never heard of a plague that keeps a man alive after he has been cut in half. Nor do I know of any sickness, in England or upon the continent, that gives its victims a taste for living flesh. But I am a simple knight. If the Archbishop of Canterbury tells me it is a plague, then I shall do all I can to ease the suffering of those afflicted.

Four women with this plague lurch toward us. There is no white to their eyes, only black. Blood stains their clothing. The closest, a lady dressed in the finery of a gentlewoman, snarls like a starving wolf. I recognize her. She is wife to John Broke, steward to John of Gaunt.  I have no love for John Broke but no one deserves the fate that she has suffered. Blood covers her mouth, neck, and chest. The three women look like demons risen from hell, but I know they cannot be because Archbishop Hartley says it is a plague. I draw thirty-six inches of medicine from the sheath at my side. The two knights beside me do the same. We line up shoulder to shoulder, shields high.

Be healed, sisters. Be healed.

Sound interesting? Pick up a copy! It’s only $1.99 at Amazon, and even though the release date is tomorrow you can pre-order it right now and it will magically beam to your Kindle tomorrow. Don’t have a kindle, download it to your computer or Android device with the Kindle app.


If you like it, please let others know. Thanks!



Cover Story

Just got the okay from my editor at 47North to release the cover for my new Kindle Serial novel, The Scourge. I have to say, I *love* it. Great use of color and detail. Have a look below and let me know your thoughts please.

Cover for my newest novel, The Scourge

There’s etched armor and blood. What more do you need?

The first episode of the novel will be released on November 13. Just a reminder, with Kindle Serials you pay one price ($1.99) and you get each episode delivered to you for *no extra charge*. Please have a look at the Amazon page for more information, and pre-orders are welcome!


Thanks! And please let me know your thoughts on the cover.