Aug 01

Nostrum: Episode 4 Released

So, episode 4 was released on Tuesday and I’ve heard from a few readers that they have already finished it. I’m always impressed by how fast people read. I’m a slow reader. I think part of the reason for my … Continue reading

Jul 22

Nostrum: Episode 3 Released

  *SPOILER ALERT* The post below contains minor spoliers for Episode 3. Read at your own risk. Another second Tuesday means another episode of Nostrum.┬áIn this episode, Edward, Tristan and Belisencia have their minds blown by a medieval televangelist, but … Continue reading

Jun 11

Cover Reveals: Scourge and Scourge: Nostrum

Hey there, So, big news on the artistic side of things. 47North has given me two birthday presents on this fine June 11. They finalized the cover for The Scourge:Nostrum (Book 2 of The Scourge), and they have re-released The … Continue reading